Church for 2019

Apr  21st           Easter Sun Rise Service  -  Breakfasts at 8:30.  Church Service at 10:00.  No Sunday School

Apr  28th          Agape Meal & Communion after Church

May  4th           Work Day at Church starting at 8:30am with Light Lunch Served

May  12th         Mother's Day Service  - Breakfast at 8:30, Men prep and serving.  Church at 10:00, no SS

May  26th         Agape Meal & Communion after Church

Jun  8th           Men's Meeting  -  TBA

Jun  16th         Father's Day Service  -  Breakfast at 8:30, Women prep and serving.  Church at 10:00, no SS

Jun  30th         Agape Meal & Communion after Church

Jul   15th         Ice Cream Social after Church.  Light Lunch & Make your own Sundays

Jul   29th         Agape Meal & Communion after Church

Aug 12th         Church Picnic after Church  -  TBA

Aug 26th         Agape Meal & Communion after Church

Sep  1st          Men's Meeting  -  TBA

Sep  9th          Video Sunday - Light Lunch and Video after Church

Sep  22nd       Progressive Dinner  -  Starting at 1:30 pm - Route TBA

Oct   28th        Harvest Agape Meal & Communion after Church

Nov  25th        Agape Meal  & Communion after Church.  Christmas Decorating after.

Dec  15th        Christmas Dinner  -  Time and Location TBA

Dec  23rd        Christmas Service at 10:00, no Sunday School

New Life Bible Church